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COLD-CASE Radiators Parts

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COLD-CASE Radiators Parts

Cold Case Parts

Moder n engines are designed to run effectively in a range of temperatures, but there is an optimum temperature your engine should remain at to run efficiently and to generate as much power as possible. A stock truck or SUV is designed to remain in that temperature range most of the time. Things don’t remain in the proper range if the engine is upgraded though. A more powerful engine generates more heat than the stock engine, and that can lead to issues with overheating and a radiator that struggles. That’s why you should invest in additional cooling components for your ride if you’re going to upgrade your engine. A Cold Case radiator will help your vehicle stay cooler more reliably so you don’t have issues with an overheating engine.

Keep Your Upgraded Engine Cool with Cold Case Parts

The radiator is responsible for removing heat from your coolant to keep your engine from getting too hot when you push its performance. A stock radiator can handle the heat generated by a stock engine, but you could benefit from a more efficient Cold Case radiator if you upgrade your engine. Cold Case radiators have more pathways, more efficient aluminum material construction, and a greater number of fins to dissipate heat more rapidly. Many of these kits also feature more powerful fans to move a higher volume of air over the fins to get rid of more heat. If you care about the temperature levels of your engine you should get a better radiator to keep things cool. Add a Cold Case radiator and:

  • cool your engine more effectively
  • keep an upgraded engine cool
  • enhance the lifespan of your engine
  • make your vehicle more efficient

Cold Case radiators are designed for use on upgraded engines and they’re sized to fit your engine bay without any issues. When you pair a radiator with the vehicle it was made for you can install it easily and get superior cooling results after the installation. Match your radiator to your vehicle carefully and you’ll enjoy an effective upgrade as a result. There are many different radiators available to choose from, which means you can get the performance results you want from your next upgrade.

How a Cold Case Radiator can Prolong Engine Life

If your engine is allowed to overheat it can suffer damage and fail. That’s why equipping a capable radiator to your ride is essential to keep things going properly. A stock radiator is fine if you’re using a stock engine in your vehicle. If you make significant engine upgrades, such as adding a turbocharger to your vehicle you may have to upgrade the cooling system to help cope with the additional heat generated. Adding a Cold Case radiator can help you compensate for the additional heat generated from serious engine upgrades. These radiators feature more pathways and efficient aluminum construction that makes it possible for more heat to be removed from your coolant. By upgrading the cooling system in your truck you’ll keep the engine running efficiently and you’ll prevent damage to it even when you push your enhanced engine to its limits. Without an upgraded radiator, you should monitor your engine temperature closely to help you avoid doing harm to your engine. If you’re going to power up your truck’s engine you must enhance the cooling system as well to keep your vehicle running properly. Getting a new radiator is one of the most important upgrades for you to make. You should also consider investing in a cooling fan to power your radiator and remove heat rapidly. Consider different enhancements from Extreme Terrain and how the components can work together to give you a capable truck that performs well in different driving conditions.